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Michael Gillam

Web Application Developer. Gamer. Certified Professional Nerd :)


Greetings! Come on in and don't forget to wipe your paws...

Hi, I'm Michael and I make awesome sauce websites and web applications! I'm a web developer with a strong sense of design. My specialities are clean and beautiful user interfaces, responsive web design, readible code and website optimization. I prefer the MERN stack these days, but I work with LAMP too.

I live in the town of Naperville, Illinois (DuPage County) outside of Chicago with my girlfriend, Mary.

I am currently working remotely from home as a Software Engineer III at CoolFire based in downtown St. Louis, MO.

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I'm a laid back and soft spoken guy from Northeast Ohio originally. I'm currently living in the western suburbs of Chicago right now with my girlfriend. I graduated from UNC-Charlotte in Charlotte, North Carolina in December 2012.

In my free time, I enjoy gaming, coding, road cycling and traveling. I'm an all around techie and even built a powerful gaming PC recently. I also enjoy good humor because life is short. Some of my jokes are so bad that people still laugh at them. You've been warned . What do you call a saw with glasses? A seesaw. Terrible joke and yeah I stole that from Peter Griffin on Family Guy. So my career prospects of being a big time comedian are as dead as Axl Rose's career but at least I can code :).

I also like tea. I'm a big fan of hot tea but lately I've been drinking a lot of Asian bubble tea and Thai iced tea. I've also been described as a very "humble developer".

Mary A. Green

My girlfriend is training to be a front end web developer. Know anyone looking for a junior level developer in training for a project or role in basic HTML/CSS/JS? Her website is in development now.

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Front End Web Development

Front end is my area of expertise. I can build anything from Wordpress themes for basic websites to complex web applications with React.js and Redux. I even make Youtube videos about React.js!

Back End Web Development

I can build domain layer RESTful APIs with PHP and recently Node.js/Express. MYSQL is my database of choice, but recently started experimenting with MongoDB w/ Mongoose on the MERN stack.

Web Design

While I am not an expert at web design, I have a strong sense of design (I even designed this website). I have Photoshop/Illustrator experience but I use Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer at most of the time.

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What I'm good at...

Front End

Back End



These are just a few samples. You can view more of my work on Behance.

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You can always email me directly at [email protected] if you don't want to fill out my scary form.


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